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Film and video directors visiting the Kanmon area
will find all the scenes they want to take in Japan.

The cities of Shimonoseki and Kitakyushu are located in the Kanmon area.
These two cities facing each other across the Kanmon Strait have been on the front stage of history and spotlighted in any era since the medieval and early-modern times, when samurai (the military nobility and officer caste of those days) lived, up to the present.
The historical and cultural breath that each city has nurtured still leaves an aerial feeling unique to this land.


The area includes a castle town that makes you feel Japanese culture,
retro buildings that convey the emergence of the era when it prospered as an international trade port area,
a peaceful countryside, a contemporary urban landscape, and the strait view that is unique in the world.
The Kanmon area, where these attractive scenes are accumulated, is a timeless microcosm of Japan.
They will find all the scenes they want to take in Japan.

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Kitakyushu Film Commission

c/o Culture and Planning Division, Citizen Services, Culture and Sports Bureau, Kitakyushu City Hall, 1-1 Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi 803-8501
Tel.: +81-93-582-2389 Fax: +81-93-581-5755


Secretariat of Shimonoseki Film and Commission

c/o Tourism Promotion Division, Shimonoseki City Hall, 5-6 Tanakamachi, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi 750-0008
Tel.: +81-83-231-1350 Fax: +81-83-231-1853